Monday, 10 June 2013

My name is Channa (pronounced khanna or hanna), I was born in the Netherlands, have lived in Israel for over 40 years and am presently a doctoral student at the University of York in England.
Clinical social worker and supervisor, NLP trainer and facilitator of writing groups for personal development. In private practice and affiliated with the Israel Institute for NLP [IINLP ] and Elah, the center for psycho-social support of former Dutch residents and their relatives (r.a.) in Israel. 
I have worked with children, families, adults and groups with holistic, integrative methods, combining verbal and non-verbal modalities. I am trained in several mind-body methods.
After being a practitioner in the field for over 30 years I rekindled my academic side in 2009. I have completed the MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development at the University of Sussex and continue towards a PhD. at York. Staying in England for 3 more years than originally planned also allows me to deepen the relationships with my small grandsons Tom and Ben.
This blog's goal is to support the final year of my doctoral studies, in which I am struggling with writing up.

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