First Letter to myself

First Letter to yourself

Hereby you are invited to write a letter to yourself about starting in the writing group.

Use empty ruled pages for your letter.
Greet yourself by name or by the pseudonym you chose for this study, or in any other way you see fit, like you would write a letter to someone else. Because when you read this letter in a few months time you will not be exactly the same as you are at this moment.

The following questions may guide you and you can write anything else you find important in connection to starting the writing group:
What do I want to achieve for myself in this group?
What are my expectations upon starting the writing group?
How easy or difficult is it at present to talk about my feelings?
How easy or difficult is it at present to write about my feelings?
Should people keep their feelings to themselves, whether in talking or writing?
Am I looking forward to writing exercises to help me, or do I prefer to write at my own pace, without the prompts of writing exercises?

Sign and date the letter!

When you have finished, please put your letter in the envelope at the very back of your ring binder and close it. It will stay closed until you will read the letter again at the last session of this group.

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