Second letter to yourself

Now that the course is ending, you are invited to write a second letter to yourself.
Take your first letter to yourself out of the envelope in your folder and read it again.

Now write a response to this letter, again just for yourself, about what has occurred during the time since you wrote the first letter in regards to your expectations, plans, goals, projects or anything else that you wrote about at the start of the group. The notes you made in your journal after each session may help you to remember!

Like in the first letter, greet yourself by name, or in any other way you see fit.
The following questions may guide you and you can write anything else you find important in connection to finishing this course:

What have I achieved for myself in this course?

Which of my expectations/goals upon starting the writing group have been fulfilled? Which have stayed unfulfilled? Has something changed in my life (for better or worse) that I did not expect?

Sign and date the letter! You may want to revisit it at some future time.

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